Zichtau Mountains

The Zichtau Mountains can be found near Gardelegen. With their ravines, gentle meadows, beautiful forests and the 160 m high hilltop, which allows a delightful view right up to the Drömling and the Colbitz-Letzlinger-Heide, the mountains offer the perfect opportunity to wander without flurry and hubbub.


Hunting château Letzlingen

The neo-Gothic hunting château Letzlingen in the middle of the far reaching Letzlinger Heide was built by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.


Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide

The Colbitz – Letzlinger Heide is the largest uninhabited region within Germany. It offers its visitors beautiful unspoilt nature.



Nowhere else in Germany as many storks come to breed to as to Rührstädt. The annual pinnacle is the Stork festival on every last weekend in July.



Stölln is situated in the middle of the Rhinluch area at the foot of the mountain Gollenberg. Here Otto Lilienthal conducted his famous successful attempts to fly.


Lake Wischer

Lake Wischer is a 5 ha large bathing lake with a Sand beach, appealingly nestled in a beautiful forest landscape. 

Deer Park Weissewarte

The family friendly wild park Weissewarte involves an area of 15 ha and accommodates 400 animals of about 50 species. An unspoilt tree population with over 300 years old oak trees characterize the park landscape.


Baumkuchen (“Tree cake“) factory Oskar Henning

At the Salzwedel Baumkuchen factory of Oskar Henning visitors can experience the tradition of baking.


Meadow landscape

Visitors who want to enjoy the unique pastureland of the Elbe meadow by charabanc or covered wagon are always warmly welcome in the town of Buch.