The Hotel Schwarzer Adler

On the “Romanesque Road”, following the natural Elbe course, which is embedded into the Elbe meadow’s lush green, alongside bright yellow rapeseed fields, colourful lawns and chequerwise laid out acres, travelers find their way to the City of Tangermünde. Having arrived at the centre of the picturesque townlet, they will find the Hotel Schwarzer Adler. After being warmly welcomed and moving into the comfortable accommodation, the green oasis at the hotel’s patio offers a calm atmosphere to relax and forget about the efforts of travelling.

Once they are satiated and rested, the hotel is the ideal starting point for their exploration tour around the city and the surrounding region. Sights like the Stephans’ Church or the historical townhall can be reached by foot conveniently. One will feel taken back to bygone times whilst strolling alongside costly restored half – timber houses and stores. In town or at the visit of the castle complex, the traces of history are omnipresent. Emperor Karl IV. ranks as a personality of formative importance for Tangermünde.

Two annexes are connected to the main residence of the Hotel Schwarzer Adler. The building at the Kirchstraße was completed in 1997 and the City Café was opened in 2000. Both can be reached through the passage at the City Café. At the patio of the main building, two garden houses can be visited.

Elaborate reconstructions and renovations were undertaken in the winter of 2016. Today, the hotel is comprised of 60 beautifully designed rooms that remind of the steeped in history town of Tangermünde. The newly opened Steak and Potato Restaurant “Carters’ Parlor” dines more than 100 guests in- and outdoors.

Family & Tradition

The Hotel Schwarzer Adler is the eldest in the 1000 years old city of Tangermünde. The house withstood the chaos of war safely and was objected to dispossession in 1971 through the GDR. Between 1972 and 1991 the “Schwarzer Adler” was continuously run as a hotel under statist direction. Thanks to the German Unity in 1889, the hotel could be retransferred in 1992. In the same year the hotel was restored from the ground up and expanded through the construction of new buildings.