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The for centuries agriculturally shaped Altmark undoubtably belongs to the most beautiful regions of Germany. The Eble valley meadow with the adjoining Wische landscape is a large natural environment with a biodiverse flora and fauna worth seeing. The picturesque landscape, strongly shaped by the recurring Elbe deluges, comprises many nature preserves and is therefore of high value for biodiversity and the maintenance of a healthy environment. Numerous ditches pervade the land and drain the heavy, flooded fields. Alluvial forest residues, alder, willow and oak trees, here and there pieces of woodlands that house farms, as well as brackish waters and ponds characterize the landscape. Those who love vastness and natural purity will feel comfortable in the Altmark. We offer you: Boat rides Charabanc rides Museum visits Guided city tours and nightwatchman city tours Bicycle hire Special offers of the City of Tangermünde

Wir bieten Ihnen an:

  • Bootsfahrten
  • Museumsbesuche
  • Stadtführungen / Nachtwächterstadtführungen
  • Fahrradverleih